SkidMarks Show is based on cool cars and rock stars all in the vein of comedy, a true light hearted approach with guests from race car drivers, rock and roll legends and celebrities. Join JEFF ALLEN (CNBC’s The Car Chasers) and Ethan Demetrius (FMX Rock SHOW and KISS FM) as they travel the globe laying tracks and screeching across America.

Season One of SKIDMARKS SHOW will consist of 12 thirty-minute episodes airing twice a month on iTunes, Soundcloud and

Listen in as they talk to Vaughn Gittin JR from Formula Drift, Tom Keifer from the rock bank Cinderella, the Band Hollywood Undead and even the man behind the Hot Wheels Double Loop Jump plus watch listeners challenge Eric “The Mad Scientist” to the craziest questions you can think of. Tune in for a good laugh as Jeff and Ethan lay Skidmarks across America.

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Episode 16 George Trosley aka Troz from CARtoons / Goldrush Rally 8 / Pennzoil F1 Race / Ford / Acura

Jeff Allen -

 Skidmarks Show Episode 16


Skidmarks Show Episode 5




Most of us remember CARtoons, Hot Rod Magazine and Car Craft where “Krass and Bernie” graced the pages in cartoon form; wrenching on cars, doing burn outs and buying their dream rides. Skidmarks Show gets an interview with George Trosley aka Troz who is the man behind the two automotive misfits. Kinda sounds familiar….. automotive misfits…


Anyway, what many don't know is there is a taboo side to Troz, and possibly fewer people or possibly more, may have seen his work across the pages of Hustler Magazine with things like watermelons, racism and feminism being the hot topics. You see, you learn something new everyday.


Also, Joining Skidmarks Show is Aimee Shackelford from the exotic car extravaganza known as Goldrush Rally. Aimee gives us the scoop on GR8 (the hipster way to say it’s their 8th Road Rally) from the starting grid in Boston where over 50,000 people are expected to be in attendance, attacking the “Tail of The Dragon” in North Carolina, shutting down Pikes Peak just for the Rally, hitting the track in Las Vegas and of course the parties. Its a rolling fashion show, party and car guys dream cruise and Aimee tells us all about it and you still have time to spend a few bucks and go!


Did you know Ford just announced they are pulling out of Japan? The first Acura NSX sold for 6 times MSRP? That Jeff Allen started wrenching on cars at 6 years old and that you can enter to win a trip to the Indianapolis 500 from Pennzoil? (all you have to do is by enter online before March 31st at!)


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